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Daily entrance fee is $25 per rider


1. NO ATV or Motorcycles are allowed in the campgrounds, or on the main Campground access trails. 
    Stay on the ATV trails and jeep access trails and roads.
    A "W" on a sign means WRONG WAY! 
    Turn around when you see a W on a tree or a sign. 
2. All motorcycles and ATV's must be equipped with a U.S.F.S. approved spark arrestor. 
3. No ATV riding before 8 a.m. or after dark 
4. All ATV riders must have a signed liability release on file with The Cove Campground Headquarters. 
5. Obey all warning signs. 
6. On Jeep access trails and roads, Speed limit is 10 MPH. 
    YIELD the right of way to 4 wheel, pedestrian, horse, mountain bike, and all other traffic. 
7. Trail and road maps are available. Carry your map with you. 
8. Let someone know where you are and when to expect you to return. 
   We do not regularly scour the mountains looking for downed riders. 
9. Ride at your own risk and use your head. 
    Do not ride where you feel uncomfortable or dangerous. 
    We do not accept any liability for your machine, the terrain, the trails, your abilities, or any other factors which might affect your safety. 
10. Helmets are required. Boots, goggles, gloves and crash protection are recommended. 
11. Violation of any of these rules will result in ejection and disbarment from the facility. 
12. Trails are ONE WAY. Do not ride backwards on the trails. 
13. Check in at Headquarters is MANDATORY before you ride. 
14. Fees for riding are for riding only. Use of the campground facilities or overnight stay will incur additional fees. 
      Some discounts and special offers may apply. Call for details and reservations.


***Camping and riding are allowed, except on holiday weekends.