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Cove History

Geologically, the Cove lies in what are Earth’s second oldest mountains, created some four hundred million years ago, near the end of the Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era. That the area has been sea bottom is evident from the various fossil remains found impressed in the ancient rock. Man, too, can be traced back about eight thousand years by the refuse left behind: projectile points, blades, and flint chips left by the pre-ceramic Indians that formerly inhabited the area can still be found on the property to this day.


More recently, on December 1, 1772, Thomas Lord Fairfax, proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia since 1739, granted by patent, to Joseph Wharton of Philadelphia, a tract of land “on the drains of Back Creek.” The Cove, first recorded by that name on August 4, 1810, is a large part of the Joseph Wharton patent.


The property was used as farmland until 1958, when the Cove Lake was created. Since 1960, the property has been open to the public, allowing one generation after another to enjoy the natural beauty of The Cove.